Flame Moon by K.J. Jackson (Flame Moon #1)

Flame Moon - K.J. Jackson

Decent enough. Could use more worldbuilding (see spoiler below), there's a lot of "this is how it is" with no explanation. The romance didn't really do it for me either. There was nothing outrageously bad or awful, just, nothing spectacularly good either.

Certainly worth reading if you picked it up free like I did (it's definitely more competently written than the majority of the freebies I grab) but I probably won't continue the series.

The worldbuilding is really quite weak, now I think about it. The Panthenites are good. The Malefics are bad. Why are they bad? What makes them that way? Who knows. They seem to be the same as the Panthenites, but with bad tempers and better torture. The Panthenite elders meanwhile, are all kinds of asshole, happy to commit mass infanticide and god knows what else. So why are they "good"?

The MC does question this directly in fact, but gets no answers, and doesn't seem to really care, since she's happy to throw down her lot with their side anyway. I should probably stop thinking about this before I whack it down to a 2 stars

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