So about that paper I promised I'd write up :)

You mighta noticed I didn't yet. Sometimes I wonder what kind of epic karma backlog I am paying off because I always end up in the most ridiculous bureaucratic snarls over the simplest of things! 


To try to summarise a now two month ongoing saga, we're not supposed to write up the results in any other format, until the original paper is published via the school. And the original paper isn't allowed to be published formally, until it has a grade.


Except my examiner was in the middle of quitting to go to another school (and somehow managed to grade every other paper from my cohort, but missed mine), and the only other person assigned to be the examiner for this course.... was my advisor. Which is clearly not a great idea credibility wise (and also illegal lol).


So I've had to wait for a whole formal investigation from the government university authority into the snarl, to get another examiner assigned. Which I finally heard, is done, and I should get a grade this week! And then I can be done with the whole thing. And I can tell you all about it :)