Fun with statistics.... still here, nearly done


So, I am just taking an hour off before I do a final proofread of my bachelor thesis for final turn-in tonight. The defence was a week ago yesterday, and despite having an opponent so focussed on finding every typo and awkward sentence construction that I'm not entirely sure she actually read the paper for content, I was rescued by my examiner and advisor (?!) who actually both asked me sensible and pertinent questions, that I was able to answer. Self-esteem saved. Well, until I get my grade, but I'm pretty sure I passed - I suspect I'd have been quietly told to pull it out of submission if I wasn't going to pass, right?


In any case, I kind of kept my actual topic a little on the down-low earlier, because I didn't want to influence all of you who were so kind as to take the survey it was based on. So the topic is "Social influence and book reviewing", which everyone who's ever been accused of being a member of a bully gang ought to find rather interesting. I hope.


Next week, when my brain is no longer mush, I'm going to write up a summarised version of it to send to all the people who expressed interest, because I'm pretty sure most of you don't want to actually read all 30 pages of theoretical underpinnings and statistics (and if you do, it'll be available on the web in full real soon.)