Guess the books


The National Book Tokens (UK) guess the books competition is back. This kept me absorbed during down time for days last year (I guess I'm slow!).


In the interests of disclosure, you can sign up so it saves your progress, even if you're not in the UK, but they do send a newsletter every now and then with cool prizes that you can't win if you live abroad. The puzzle is really fun though.


ETA: Link


ETA again: Hah. I finished it. Either it was a lot easier this year, or I got smarter :) Some of these are exceptionally hard if you don't have British English or some near variant as a native tongue (Red Hot's post about the Milk Float got me thinking about this.) And one is near impossible unless you're very familiar with London. So I'm putting a couple of clues in a spoiler here, but even those are gonna be just hints.


- The sign in the lower right is a typical London street name sign, and the last bit is "E 1"

- The fuzzy pink spun sugar stuff is called Candy Floss in England (and luckily for me, NZ)

- The bear paw and the bottle labelled George are very well known British children's books (one for very young, one for a little older), I'm not sure they are so well known abroad though. Possibly the George one is though. 

(show spoiler)

Also when you click on a clue, you can click again on the thumbnail by the answer box to enlarge the image.