Scribd adds Audiobooks + 3 month trial code

As headline, Scribd adds audiobooks, with something like 30,000 of them and a much better selection than what's available in Kindle Unlimited to boot. This is on a par with an audible subscription, except it's only $8.99 USD a month. So actually it's a great deal better than an Audible subscription, if you ask me. 


And even better there's a 3 month free trial promo code here:


Despite that being a couple of months old, it still works, I just used it a few minutes ago).


A quick review of the service: 

So this is more or less a library service, you borrow books to read, although you can also purchase and download. If you're looking for erotica, this is not the place, almost all the sexytimes are purchase only, not part of the lending library (virtually the opposite of the KU library, but that's a feature for me, ymmv.)


If you do want to support indie authors, I believe they come out quite nicely here too, making 80% of the cover once you read past 30%, pro rated if you read less, as opposed to a flat amount from KU, currently around $1.50, for a 10% read. (If you're an indie author, you might want to look at getting your books up here, I believe you can push them to Scribd via D2D or Smashwords). But for me, I gotta say, it's the trad pub catalog I get access to that is a winner.


There is a really lovely Android (and apparently ios) app, with a very nice UI, and it's got some great deals with publishers who are not part of the Kindle Unlimited universe, including Simon and Schuster, and Harlequin. Particularly the Sci-fi and fantasy offerings are really good. A lot of the books in the S&S deal aren't even available as library e-books. Even the cloud reader is better than Amazon's, although, one made in lego by a 3 year old could probably improve on Amazon's web reader.


Audiobooks wise, looks to me like they've picked up Blackstone's catalog (and they are by far my fave audiobook producer). Tons of Sci-fi, lots and lots and lots of non-fiction,  pretty much all the non-fiction audiobooks I've ever listened to were Blackstone, they have a pretty good grip on the genre. 


About the only reason to not try this out, is if the only thing you ever read books on is an e-ink device, since that's about the only thing Scribd doesn't support. 


One final note: Yes the sign-up asks for a credit card, but I've asked around, and nobody I know has had any trouble cancelling once the trial period is up. I usually don't sign up for things that want my CC up front, but I'm willing to give this a shot. Again, ymmv, just mentioning it so you aren't surprised.