Wraith (Like a Suicide. #1), by John Archer and Lee Daniel

The Wraith - Daniel Lee, John J. Archer

Dull, predictable psychological horror that really didn't do it for me. 


I had the twist (although not the exact mechanics) figured out by a couple of chapters in, which made the entire middle drag and drag and drag, until everyone else figured it out too. Then the entire thing is wrapped up in a nice bow in a couple of chapters, making the finale feel quite rushed.


Full of loving depictions of caricature levels of torture (animal and human), which didn't even come across, for me, as scary.


I like horror, particularly the psychological, creepy kind, but I didn't like this.


ETA: Apparently this gained a new cover and a whole author, as well as becoming the first one of a three part series. So I really love the new BL editing abilities, which let me fix it up with a shiny new edition.