Gevär säljes p g a dödsfall by David Batra

Gevär säljes p g a dödsfall - David Batra

I suppose I should review this in swedish, but I'm not going to. 


David Batra is a fairly well known Swedish comedian, and this is a coffee table book based on hilarious ads from Blocket and Tradera (essentially the Swedish ebays). Such as the title ad "Rifle for sale due to death". Most of the pages reproduce an ad or two, with a short comment from Batra, who is often sharply observant on the quirks of human nature.


The collection is broken up into several categories, each introduced with a short essay from Batra, some of which are very funny.


Some favourites: 

A lifesize wooden model of footballer Zlatan Abrahamovic doing a high kick

Lifesize rhinoceros for sale (with a bulk discount!)

7 cute giraffe ornaments from Africa - Batra observes that there are two kinds of people, those who immediately notice there are only four figurines for sale, and those who don't count but notice they are in fact zebras, not giraffes.

A hilarious photo of a kitchen in an "apartment for rent" ad, where a man is inexplicably holding up a pretty yummy looking sandwich on a plate. In his tre kronor (national sports team) briefs.

A Batmobile replica

"9 large roundish stones, approx 1 ton"


Hardly earthshattering literature, but it is cute and funny. Not a whole lot of re-read value either, I guess.