How to Murder a Millionaire by Nancy Martin (Blackbird Sisters, #1)

How to Murder a Millionaire  - Nancy Martin

A lovely start to a mystery series, and exactly the kind of light reading I needed at the exact moment I picked it up. So it might have gained a half star for being perfectly fitted for the moment.


I loved most of the characters, particularly Nora the protagonist, and her slightly but not overdone snarky outlook on life. I liked that there's no romance triangle in sight, and I liked that I totally didn't see the murderer coming (but props to me, I did suspect an eventual accomplice.)


Sadly my library seems to have a fairly random selection of these books, or I'm pretty sure I'd just have got them all and read them end to end. 


(Series recommended to me by a review of a later book from Murder By Death, if you like cozies, or like me are just dipping your toe into the genre, I highly recommend you follow her :)